Products Information: Double-component Structural Silicone

 Product Description:
Silicone structural sealant is a kind of special sealant. It can be used directly as structural or non-structural adhesive assembly of the metal and glass in glass certain wall. So the quality requirement and product grade of this sealant is the best in all the glass sealant, and its market price is the highest.
1. Double-component, neutral cure, high adhesion, high strength, high-performance.
2. Adjustable curing speed, inner harden fast, short maintenance cycle and mechanization sizing, conducive to the construction process.
3. Non-corrosive to metal, coated glass and other materials, and has excellent adhesion and sealing performance to most building materials, and has good extensibility, water tightness and other functions.
4. Products formed a cold resistant, heat resistant, no-corrosion elastomer after curing. High and low temperature resistant performance is outstanding. It will not become brittle, hardening or cracking after curing even in - 30 ℃. At +90 ℃, it will not become soft, degradation, but always maintain good elasticity.
5. Part A is white and part B is black, mix part A and B with volume proportion 10:1, the mixture color is black.
Construction Points:
1. The material seeps oil, plasticizers or solvents, such as oil-soaked wood.
2. Frost, wet surface.
3. Continuous immersion in water or damp places throughout the year.
4. The temperature of the surface below 4 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ is not suit for construction.
5. Part B can react with water vapor, so not exposure it in the air for a long time.
Color & Package:
1. Color: part A is white, part B is black, and the mixture is black.
2. Package: part A 200L metal bucket (net capacity 190L), part B 20L plastic bucket (net capacity 19L).
Stored in a 27 ℃ below and dry place, storage time is 12 months.
Conform to the standard: 2MGQ GB 16776-2005.