Products Information: General Purpose Silicone Sealant OEM

The product is one kind of sulfur silicone sealant with one acid component which could be applied at any climate and could take chemical reaction with the water in the air rapidly. Good aging-resistant ability, high flexible, perfect performance of high or low temperature resistant. Have transparent, grey, white and black colors for selection.
Appearance Gravity g/cm 3 Prolapse Distance(mm) Surface setting time,min Extrusion ml/min Elongation % Tensile Strength(Standardrd,MPa) Fix Extend Adhesive Ability
Vertical plane
Top grade acid silicone sealant Exquisite well-proportioned cream,no agglomeration, no gelling, no surface solidify, hard dispersing 0.98 1.0 ≤ 3 No distortion ≤ 30 ≥ 80 ≥ 150 ≥ 0.50 No damage
Medium grade acid silicone sealant 0.98 1.0 ≤ 3 No distortion ≤ 30 ≥ 80 ≥ 200 ≥ 0.40 No damage
Common grade acid silicone sealant 0.98 1.0 ≤ 3 No distortion ≤ 30 ≥ 80 ≥ 220 ≥ 0.40 No damage
NO.  Item  Data
1 Type Neutral
 2 Density (g/cm 3 ) 1.00±0.02
 3 Capacity movement ±30%
 4 Skin formation 10-15
5 Drying(2nm/h) 10-15
6 Curing Time(h) 25-28
 7 Max. Tensile strength 1.3
8 Hardness shore A 25±2
9 Elongation at Break(%) ≥600
10 Application temperature -20°C to +40°C
11 Temperature resistance -50°C to +100°C
14 Weatherproof Good
Skin drying time and fully drying time under: 23°C and 50% humidity
Scope Of Application: 
This product are widely used for bonding of glass, rubber, wood, pottery, metal and surface of fiber, this product not suitable to use under water, and not suitable for bonding of dope, please finish brushing before construction.

Using Method: 
1.Clean the surface to get rid of the rust, oil, or any dirty.
2.Cut the cap point, twists the cap mouth, cut at 45 degree angle bevelling according to need.
3.In order to get the smooth glue, hold the bottle at 45 degree angle, squeeze the glue through cap mouth. 
4.If further sealing needed, please finished operation within 5 minutes, wipe off the surplus glue with dry tissue.
5.After completely solidify, amend the glue by knife.

1.It is not preferred for the applying at the air-tight situation. Keep ventilative during the operation as the acetic acid is released due to the chemical reaction.
2.Re clean the surface if operating could not be finished within 1 hour since first cleaning. Re clean the surface as well if rains or dirty is onto the surface again.
3.No toxic of product. But be careful not to make the glue get into the eyes or nose. Wash them at once if does.
4.Keep smooth and continuous during applying of the glue onto the sealing surface. The adhesive performance would be not good if the air get in.
5.Tighten the lid at once and take off the extrusion nozzle after gluing to avoid entering of the wet air and causing of the solidifying. Eliminate the remnants around the nozzle.
6.Remove the solidified glue on the bottleneck during re applying. The unsolidified glue inside could be used still. Store the rest glue of the bottle at air tight and shade.
1.This product will release a few acetic acid in the solidification process, the working conditions should maintain ventilate.
2.Do not put within kids reach, non-toxic after solidifies completely, avoid eye contact before solidification, if touches the eye carelessly, use massive water to wash, if serious go to see a doctor.
3.When operation, must hold the glue steadily, cannot separate, guards against mixes in the air and form bubble , affects the seal effect.
4.After operation, take off the cap mouth immediately, close the packing cover tightly to prevent the moisture enter and cause solidification. Wipe off the glue left at glue mouth.
5.This product should be operated at temperature 5-40oC,relative humidity 40-80%
Storage And Packing: 
1.The product is nonflammable. Keep dry and shade, air tight during storage.
2.The shelf life for grade acetic silicone sealant is 12 months and 9months for the medium grade,6months for ordinary grade.
3.Packing specification: 85g in soft plastic tube;280mL/pc310 mL/pc,in plastic barrel