Products Information: A110-1 Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst

A110-1 Ammonia synthesis catalyst is mainly used in the process of production ammonia in synthesis ammonia plant, it is also used Metal processing industry and electronic industry which get nitrogen production gas from NH3.

Physical and chemical properties:
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Amorphous particle,
spheroidization rate ≥ 0.6


Black with metallic luster
Particle size(mm) 1.5-3.0,2.2-3.3,3.3-4.7,4.7-6.7,4.7-6.7,6.7-9.4,9.4-13.0
Bulk density: g/ml 2.7-2.9
Chemical composition: Fe3O4,Al2O3,CaO and K2O etc
Porosity: 46%
Pore volume: ml/g 0.13
Specific area :m2/g (Reduced) 13

Operating conditions:

Temperature:°C 360-530
Pressure: MPa 10-32.0
Space velocity:   h-1 5000-50000
 Activity after heating(outlet NH3) ≥ 13.5%

Package: Steel drums lined with plastic bags