Products Information: Construction Silicone Sealant 001

High quality structural silicone sealant near DowCoring quality

high quality structural silicone sealant near Dow Coring quality is an one-part, neutral cure, specifically designed for structural bonding and curtain wall adhesive construction applications.It easily extrudes in any weather and quickly cures at room temperature to form a high durable and flexible silicone rubber seal.

Structural silicone sealant has an excellent adhesive to most of construction material without a primer.It has good features as follow:
A.Can be easily used and extruded any time
B.Neutral cure-suitable  for use on most construction materials
C.Excellent weather ability and stability.
D.High modulus, as cured ,it can bear joint movement capability of ±25% of the riginal joint width.

Use limitations:
Fj-898 silicone structural sealant for construction is fit for structural usage.It should not be applied in the following conditions:
A.To all materials that bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents such as wood immersed in oil, oil crack filler, and some uncured or sulfur zed fat,
B.In totally confined space (silicone sealant need the water in the air to cure)
C.For continuous immersion in water or below-grade applications all the year.
D.To painted surface,may cause seal failure as he paint cracking or paint stripping.
E.To frost or wet surface
F.Surface touch the food directly
G.Easily suffer mechanical clash
H.Fireproofing seal system.

Transparent, white,black,gray, other color as request

300ml cartridge package, 24tubes per carton
600ml sausage package, 20pieces per carton

Usually 12 months at dry and airy below 27ºc

Technical data
    No      item The standard Test result
Test at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±2ºC
1         appearance Have no grain, no agglomeration, 1 Pass the standard
2      Resistance to flow
vertical ≤ 3 0
level No distortion No distortion
3 Tack free time, h ≤3 0.5
4 Extrusion ability, s ≤10 1.2
5 Curing time at 50±5% RH
Temperature 23±2ºC,days
14-21 14-21
As cured after 21days at 50±5% RH temperature 23±2ºC
6 Hardness,(shore A)   20
7 Tensile at 50% elongation, Mpa   0.30
8 Tensile strength at ultimate elongation,  Mpa   0.45
9 Ultimate elongation at break   150%
10 Density, g/cm3   1.01