Products Information: Neutural Silicone Sealant 001

Product Features:

1. One-component, neutral cure, high strength, high cohesive property, intermediate and high modulus.

2. The base coat is unnecessary for it to present excellent bond and sealing performance with most of building materials. Moreover, it has good extensibility, water tightness and other functions;

3. It will form a cold-resistant, heat-resistant and non-corrosive elastic body after curing, which is environmentally friendly and characteristic of excellent performances, such as excellent weather-proofness, anti-aging, UV-resistance, ozone resistance and resistance to high and low temperature.


Main uses:

1. It is used for glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall (marble, granite), aluminum curtain wall as well as the structural cohesive seal of structural metallic material engineering.

2. It is applicable to the misconnect or opposite joint, or bonded seal of skylight between glasses.

3. The seal and bond applied in high building and industry application.

4. It applies to the design of semi-exposed or hidden framing glass curtain wall engineering, other kinds of buildings and industrial seal.

Construction precautions:

1. It is not suitable for all surfaces from which grease, plasticizer or solvent oozes.

2. It is not suitable for a confined space, food or the surface of drinking water directly contacted with.

Safety instructions:

1. Volatile compounds will be emitted when the structural sealant is uncured and in the process of curing. It is harmful to the health of people who breathe high concentrations of volatile compounds over long periods; therefore, the workplace must be kept well-ventilated.

2. It is inappropriate for uncured structural sealant to directly contact with the skin for a long time. Wash your eyes with plenty of clean water immediately if eye contact occurs and go to see a doctor if necessary.

3. The cured structural sealant will neither emit hazardous substances nor cause damages to the skin.

4. The product shall be conducted compatibility and cohesion test with contact material prior to use. The product shall not be used for construction unless it is acceptable after confirmation.

5. The company is not responsible for any losses arising out of any accidents or misuse during the use of the product except a guarantee that the product meets the quality requirements.

Storage life:

It can be stored for 18 months below 27℃ in a dry place.

Compliance with national standard:

1 MGQ GB 16776-2005