Products Information: Neutral Structural Silicone Sealant, RTV Structural Silicone Sealant for Curtain Wall

A one-component product, neutral room curing. No corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble (Hua Gangyan);
Excellent resistance to weathering performance, usually under the climatic conditions of service life of 50 years;
Excellent high and low temperature resistance performance, stable performance in in the context between -40 DEG C to 120 DEG C;
For most building materials have excellent adhesion, high strength, high modulus, high flexible;
Good compatibility with Other silicone sealants which are produced by Jinwuhuan company.

Appearance: Paste Specific gravity: about 1.2g/ml Skin time: about 15min Curing time: about 2 to 3 days Hardness (shore A): up to 38 Tensile strength: about 3Mpa Peel strength: 7Mpa Dielectric strength: 20KV/mm Volumetric resistivity : 3x1015 ^ cm Dielectric constant (1.2MHz):2.8
Color: Transparent, porcelain white, black, gray and other colors can be customized. Main uses:
1,Used for aluminum doors and windows, titanium alloy doors and windows, plastic steel door and window installation, general decoration sealing
2, For sealing using on all kinds of glass curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall, Stone Cladding etc.
3, Applicable to sealing porous stone, glass, hollow glass, mirror glass, coated glass, zinc, copper, iron and other adhesive material.
4, Applicable to the joint sealing between all kinds of glass, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum, organic glass, coated glass.
5,Apply to concrete, cement, brick, rock, marble, steel, wood, joint anodized aluminum and painted aluminum surface seal, in most cases without the use of a primer.
6, Suitable for bonding dry cleaning of metal, glass, most does not contain grease wood, silicone resin, silicone rubber with sulfur, ceramic, natural and synthetic fibers, as well as many paint on plastic surface.
7, Can be used for bonding of ceramic, sanitary ware, marble etc.

Construction Guide:
Must use solvents such as toluene or acetone, keep the interface clean and dry. As to the use of a primer to enhance its adhesion, when the primer is dry before construction. Construction application of sealant joints completely filled, ensure a double faced adhesive. Taped the protection of sites in need, but make sure the tape not to touch the surface of construction will be. Before the gum is solidified, trimming immediately, in order to achieve the beautiful appearance.

When the surface of the material at the temperature above 40 DEG C, can’t be constructed using the sealant;
Cannot be used for the wet surface;
Cannot be used for oil or oil leakage surface;
Cannot be used directly in the new cement concrete surface.

Storage and Usable life:
12 months from manufacture date when store in cool and dry environment, the temperature below 27 DEG C,
Keep away from heat source and direct sunlight during storage.

Sample specification:

101 Neutral Silicone Sealant
Standard Measured Value Testing Method
Test at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:



Density (g/cm3)
±0.1 1.35 GB/T 13477
Tack-Free Time (min)
≤180 16 GB/T 13477
Extrusion (ml/min)
≥80 380 GB/T 13477
Tensile Modulus (Mpa) 230C 0.4 0.49 GB/T 13477
200C or 0.6 /


Slumpability (mm) vertical
not change shape not change shape GB/T 13477
Slumpability (mm) horizontal
≤3 0 GB/T 13477
Curing Speed (mm/d)
2 3 /
As Cured -After 21 days at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:

Hardness (Shore A)
20~60 40 GB/T 531
Tensile Strength under Standard Conditions (Mpa) / 0.72 GB/T 13477
Elongation of Rupture (%)
/ 260 GB/T 13477
Storage 12 Months