Information: Details Of The Use Of Glass, Plastic Silicone Sealant

1. Use: one-component silicone sealant can be used for real time, with a glue gun is easy to play it from the plastic bottle, and may spatula or wood trim its surface.

2, stick to time: silicone rubber curing process is the development of surface inward, silicone surface drying time and curing time is different with different characteristics, so to repair the surface of the glass must be carried out before the glue is dry (acidic plastic, neutral transparent adhesive should normally be 5-10 minutes, neutral mottled glue should generally be within 30 minutes). If separations paper to cover a certain place, after coating, must be removed before the crust formed.

3. Curing time: the curing time of the plastic glass is increased with the increase of the thickness of the adhesive, for example, 12mm thickness acidic glass glue, it may take 3-4 days to solidification, but within about 24 hours, it has an outer layer of 3mm cured. Bonding glass, metal or most timber at room temperature for 72 hours after having a 20 lbs / inch of peel strength. If you use glass, plastic place of some or all closed, then curing time by sealed tight degree decision. In confined places, there may always remain uncured. If the increase in temperature will soften plastic glass. Gaps between the metal and metal bonded surface shall not exceed 25mm. In various adhesive applications, including hermetically sealed case, after bonding equipment before use, should be a comprehensive inspection of the bonding effect. Acidic glass glue in the curing process, due to volatilization of acetic acid will produce an odor, the smell will disappear during the curing process, after curing without any odor.

4, adhesive:

A, will completely wipe the surface of metal and plastic, degreasing, and then rinsed with acetone in addition to all the plastic outer surface, rubber surface application sandpaper, then wipe with acetone. Please follow the precautions when using the solvent acetone is used.

B, glass glue evenly coated on the surface of the object is ready, if the two surfaces are bonded together, can be put away to one side to go first position, and then pressing the other side enough force to squeeze the air out, but be careful Do extruded plastic glass.

C, the adhesive means is placed at room temperature until the glass adhesive curing.

5. Seal: silicone sealant for sealing the occasion, also in accordance with the above several steps, forced to squeeze into the glass glue joints or cracks in the glass full contact with the surface glue.

6, clean: the front glass glue uncured available cloth or paper towel to wipe after curing shall scrape with scraper or solvent xylene, acetone and other scrub.