Information: Plastic Glass Improper Use Easily Affect The Quality Of The Decoration

We during bathroom renovation although less used glass, plastic place, but it can not ignore its quality and performance, the decoration because of poor quality glass, plastic or loss caused by improper use of a few families in here to you reminder.

When conventional glass, plastic home improvement according to the performance of two kinds: neutral glass, plastic and acid glass glue. Many people do not understand the performance of glass, plastic, glass, plastic easy to neutral and acidic glass glue Inverse. Bathroom renovation generally used in glass, plastic place: wood line at the back of the dumb, sanitary ware, toilet, bathroom mirror, sink and wall crevice, etc., these places use plastic glass different properties . Neutral glass adhesive Relay is relatively weak, generally used in the bathroom mirror on the back of strong adhesive force these unwanted places. Neutral glass glue to use more in home improvement, mainly because it does not corrode the object, and is generally used in an acidic glass glue dumb at the back of the wood line, a strong adhesive force.

Use glass, plastic is also important: Do you want to mold. For example, many plastic glass for bathroom decoration, bathroom have been very moist, easy to mold, so be sure to glass, plastic mold. General description of glass, plastic bottles will be unmissable. In addition, some of the poor quality of the glass glue there is no such function, so when you purchase must clearly understand.

The price per bottle household plastic glass is generally around seventy-eight yuan, some better glass, plastic bottle at 30 yuan. However, the market also has twenty-three yuan per bottle, and so the price of the plastic glass quality can be imagined, so buyers in the choice Do not cheaper plans.