Information: How To Identify The Quality Of Acidic Glass Glue

1, by hand

When gluing discrimination based on feel, if the glue is not very hard even when found, will force a freshman small force, more exaggerated bubble pops hear sound, indicating cones residual air, impure quality.

2, smell the smell

In fact, everyone usually should also hear some vendors say there is no neutral plastic taste, in fact, not quite, to be exact, neutral glass glue is completely cured after no taste, but during the cure is still a little taste, more than just a light plastic glass acidic flavor. Therefore, in neutral glass glue, the more light during the curing taste more top grade.

3, viscosity test

After acidic glass glue to break out with the appliance or directly by hand dip acidic glass glue, then lift, look at the length of the drawing, a relatively longer explain more top grade quality. Here there is a misunderstanding I want to make the weak weaker, just hit the glass glue people began to look at his surface gloss plastic glass to identify good and bad, but in fact not the case, some low-grade plastic glass ratio relatively thin, just playing out Wangwang surface, it seems the effect is very good, but it was completely cured the problem came out, the volume of significant contraction, as well as exposure to the sun Maoyou, good adhesion, but also affect the appearance. Last point is the surface gloss is fully cured read.

4, see the magnitude of displacement

Good acidity glass glue to play in the vertical plane above the uncured or displacement does not occur when the collapse phenomenon.

5, the curing speed

After playing out look curing speed, good for about 24 hours under normal circumstances can be acidic glass glue curing depth of about 7mm. Recipe may be too long or bad glue not authentic. It was too fast curing agent added are more likely to add too much hardener to harden after curing, good elasticity so that life is not long. So on the market with the level of acidic glass glue, quick-drying are relative cheaper.