Information: How To Remove The Plastic Glass

1, glass, plastic does not solidify, both in humans sticky, utensils or clothing, wash with water, it can be easily removed, so the easiest to clean glass, plastic uncured.
2, cured glass, plastic, glue and glass is very difficult to remove. If the glass has been cured body attached to glass, ceramic, metal and other items, consider using xylene, acetone scrub (if you do not know these two substances can be considered bananas water, because it contains two substances banana water), if less curing adhesive attachment on glass and other items, you can also consider using a spatula scraping. If the connection to the clothes, consider using a brush, if not, it is necessary to consider the banana water.
3, there is the case of the treatment of hands and a glass paste, do not worry about this situation, the process is very simple. After the glass adhesive curing adhesive rickety hand, rub it with both hands together a few times to remove.